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8 Best Materials for Outdoor Sofa Longevity

Outdoor places get more aesthetics and elegance when they are covered with furniture items. In this article, Outdoor Upholstery Dubai has explained the best materials to opt for outdoor sofas so they can stay long. We have also reviewed some parameters about materials that can enhance the longevity of the sofa. Stay Tuned!

Best Materials To Choose For Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor sofas enhance the decor theme of your outdoor places such as patios, decks, lawns, gardens, or balconies. Besides materials, some other parameters play a significant role in the longevity of outdoor furniture such as material coating, finishes, and construction design.

  1. Aluminum
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Rutton
  4. Wrought Iron
  5. Wood
  6. Recycled Plastic
  7. Resin Wicker
  8. Fabric Materials (For Upholstery)
  • Aluminum

Aluminum Outdoor Sofa

Aluminum is an excellent choice for crafting outdoor sofa upholstery due to its lightweight, enormous durability, moisture, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, this material requires low cleaning and maintenance for sustainability. The use of an anodizing technique (electrochemical treatment) can also make your aluminum sofas more resistant to stains and corrosion. This natural material can beautify your sofa in a broad range of colors, you can choose in any color contrast to enhance the ambiance of outdoor places.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Outdoor Sofa

Steel is an excellent choice for garden sofas due to its high corrosion resistance nature. For outdoor areas having a high moisture content in the air, stainless steel can be employed for sofa framing. Due to its hard nature and high density, it also offers maximum durability against any damage. This biodegradable material can also provide easy cleaning and maintenance. The powder finishing and combination of chromium and molybdenum enhance its storm, dust, and corrosion resistance.

  • Rattan

Rattan Outdoor Sofa

Rattan is another lightweight natural material for outdoor furniture composition. This unique material also provides a cozy and decent look to your outdoor space. You can craft your patio sofa in any appropriate color, design, and texture due to its versatile nature. Because of its lightweight and soft fibers, it provides maximum comfort and easy styling. In addition, Rattan material requires very low maintenance and cleaning due to its weather and sunlight resistance features.

  • Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Outdoor Sofa

If we talk about the highest durability and impact resistance, iron is a foremost choice for outdoor area furniture. Iron sofas require minimal care and maintenance for their longevity. If we craft an iron sofa with proper finishing treatments, it can last for years. However, powders, polyurethane, oils, waxes, and wet paints are the best treatments for weather-resistant surface finishing. Its heavy weight makes it a better choice for outdoor custom sofas in windy & stormy areas.

  • Wood

Wood Outdoor Sofa

Wood is an evergreen natural material option for outdoor or indoor furniture items due to its high durability and versatile nature. Different types of hard and softwood materials can be used for crafting outdoor patio sofas such as teak wood, cedar, pine, white oak, shorea, eucalyptus, and mahogany. In addition, the finishes and treatments of wood sofas matter a lot in longevity factor. For proper finishing, paints, lacquer, epoxy, polyurethane, varnishes, and oils can be used. High-quality woods can last for decades due to their high weather and sunlight resistance.

  • Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Sofa

Recycled plastic is the best synthetic material for outdoor furniture. This material is inexpensive and lightweight for sofas and other furniture accessories. Plastic provides maximum durability, easy maintenance, and cleaning options. Besides durability, this popular material offers fade, mildew, and insect resistance. Furthermore, modern techniques have modified the nature of plastic and made it more resistant to sunlight and moisture content. Polyethylene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate are the most durable and high-density plastic materials for outdoor space sofas.

  • Resin Wicker

Resin Wicker Outdoor Sofa

Resin wicker is another durable material that can utilized to enhance the sofa’s longevity. Natural resin wicker is fabricated with multiple unique materials such as bamboo, seagrasses, rattan, willow, and banana leaves. One of the paramount features of the resin wicker is that it offers high crack resistance even in case of high temperature. Moreover, synthetic polyethylene resin can resist wind, storm, fade, and sunlight more due to its high density and unique composition.

  • Fabric Materials (For Upholstery)

Fabric Materials (For Upholstery)

Natural and synthetic fabrics have been used in creating high-quality upholstery items. Acrylic, sunbrella, olefin, polyester, and cotton are the best fabric options for outdoor sofa upholstery. Polyethylene, polyurethane, and polyester are the most common choices for foams and cushions due to their high impact resistance, comfort, and durability. However, synthetic fabric materials are highly recommended for outdoor furniture upholstery items due to their heavy-duty nature, fade, and water resistance.

Considerable Factors For Selecting Outdoor Sofa Materials 

While selecting the best material, you need to consider multiple aspects of sofa material such as durability, maintenance, comfort, rust & corrosion, budget, eco-friendliness, and weather resistance.


Durability is an undeniable factor to review before choosing any material for an outdoor place sofa. Always choose a sofa material that ensures maximum weather, corrosion, and fading resistance.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As you want to place a sofa for outside spaces, you need to consider material that requires very easy and low maintenance. Because outside spaces are prone to more dust, rain, storms, and sunlight. If you don’t maintain your outdoor furniture properly, these conditions can ruin furniture look and functionality.

Sun Exposure

As outside furniture gets maximum exposure to sunlight. The harmful UV rays can affect the material’s durability and longevity. Moreover, excessive sunlight can cause color fading of sofa material and upholstery. Choose the material that provides satisfactory UV resistance.


outdoor sofa

Comfort is another significant approach to consider when choosing any furniture. Outdoor furniture is mostly used for taking rest and enjoying free time. To enhance the sofa comfort, use high-quality and water-resistant cushions and padding materials.

Rust & Corrosion

When outdoor metallic furniture is exposed to water and oxygen continuously, rust and corrosion can easily affect the material and diminish its longevity. Always choose furniture for outdoor places that has an additional protective layer to prevent rust and corrosion.

Eco-friendly Material

Sofa material should be eco-friendly and manufactured with green practices for additional health benefits. The material doesn’t release harmful gases to negatively impact the environment. Select the biodegradable material for lawn sofas that can be recycled easily.


Budget is a vital consideration for selecting any indoor or outdoor home accessories. However, some materials are budget-friendly while some are expensive to use for sofas. Always choose the perfect material option that may come under your desired budget.

Wrapping Up!

For manufacturing outdoor sofas that ensure longevity, a variety of high-quality and durable materials are available. We have considered some essential factors that may help choose the perfect material for your outdoor places furniture. By following our complete guide, you will be able to select the best material that offers maximum durability, weather, fade, and sunlight resistance.

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