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Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the #1 provider of Wallpaper Fixing service for every residential and commercial interior. Our services are incredibly efficient, fast, affordable, and cost-effective.

Wallpaper Installation
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Hire Us For Wallpaper Fixing & Style Your Dream Interiors

Our wallpaper installation and fixing services will transform your homes and offices in no time and on a budget. You can get all kinds of wallpaper fixing Dubai services from us, irrespective of the type and condition of your walls, and renew your place’s decor in seamless ways.

durable results
Durable Results

Getting your home and workspace walls treated by us will offer you long-lasting aesthetics, maintenance ease, and better resale value.

Damage Addressing
Damage Addressing

Our wallpaper installation services include treating and fixing all major and minor damages of your walls, making them stay functional.

Professional Wallpaper Fixing

12+ Years Of Achievements

Improve The Longevity & Effectiveness Of Your Wallpapers With Us

Looking for trustworthy wallpaper fixing near me? Get in touch with us today and rest assured about getting the most beneficial and long-term favorable servicing.

Our installation and fixing services are available for both new and old wallpapers and wall panels; you can revive your old wallpapers and get the new ones fitted most flawlessly.

From bedrooms to outdoors, you can get our services for every area of your building. We don’t just provide wallpaper services but also multiple smart ideas to transform your decor themes without excessive trouble or expenses.

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Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Versatile Excellence 

We Deal With All Wallpaper Types & Areas 

You can benefit from our services, even if you’ve got problematic walls and complex wallpapers. Our wallpaper fixing Dubai services are available for Vinyl, Peel and Stick, Flock, Brick-look, Vintage, Paintable, Metallic, Patterned, and all other wallpaper types. Besides, you can get every desired custom design, enhancement, and modification on-site.







Perks & Pros 

Highlighted Benefits Of Our Wallpaper Installation & Fixing Services 

High Cost-effectivity

High Cost-effectivity

Our wallpaper fixing lasts the longest and continues providing you with comfort for years straight.

Healthy Materials

Healthy Materials

We use non-toxic adhesives, primers, and coatings for healthy air quality and zero allergies/fumes.

Innovative Treatments

Innovative Treatments

We make use of high-quality products and methods to make your walls damage-resistant and mold-free.

Error-free Results

Error-free Results

Our wallpaper-fixing gives rise to entirely damage-free, easy-to-maintain, beautiful, and valuable walls. 

Personalization Possibilities

Personalization Possibilities

You can have all your favorite custom wall designs and additions for outstanding interior decor.

Time-saving Servicing

Time-saving Servicing

With our professional wallpaper installation, you can save much time and money and avoid DIY attempts.

Enjoy Interior Decor Upgrades At Minimum Rates With Us

Our affordable and versatile wall treatments will have you covered regarding every need and preference, no matter your budget. We offer the cheapest Wallpaper Fixing Price in Dubai and you can make the most out of services for your luxurious interiors without a lot of expenses.

Moreover, we make your walls free of damages, flaws, and unsightly looks and serviceable for the longest periods of time; a lot more than a wallpaper installation. You can get our services for multiple rooms and spaces without having to worry about the cost.

Over and above, we also offer free area measurement and consultation services to help you make the best choices for your place. Reach out to us today to improve your properties without breaking the bank!

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Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the most reputable wallpaper treatment provider in the UAE. We have transformed endless commercial and residential spaces with our excellent wallpaper fixing Dubai services and offer all the skill sets at affordable rates. You can instantly and dynamically improve your surroundings with our excellence.

Free Wall Measurements

Our free-of-cost measurement services help you purchase the right wallpapers and you can also benefit from our consultations.

Unique Custom Treatments

You can have the new wallpaper treatments customized with excellence by us and design your spaces according to your taste.



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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The steps for wall preparation before wallpaper installation include smoothening the wall and removing any cracks, nails, or paint flakes, cleaning and sanding it down, and applying a suitable primer, followed by wallpaper fitting. We provide complete services at affordable rates in Dubai.

It is possible to apply a new wallpaper over an existing one, but it has to be non-coated paper. Besides, there must be no damage or imperfections and the wallpaper should stick firmly. Wallpapers like vinyl-coated ones cannot be wallpapered over and they have to be removed.

The best approach is to get professional wallpaper installation services as this will save your money, time, and effort. Experts not only carry out the entire procedure in a flawless manner but also prevent stuff wastage and make a room usable quickly, hence ensuring comfort for the user.

Generally, wallpaper installations take around 6 to 8 hours and maximally a day or two. If a lot of wall preparation or damage treatments are required, then the project is likely to be extended. Besides, new wallpapers need enough drying time before the room can be used.

Yes, wallpapers can be applied in bathrooms and most other areas with higher levels of humidity. You just need to take care of some aspects which include maintaining good ventilation, wall preparation, and keeping the wall moisture level and temperature in check.