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Are you looking for top-quality customized mattress near meOutdoor Upholstery Dubai provides durable and comfortable mattresses with a waterproof covering. You can get any mattress design, size, and material from us at affordable rates.

Outstanding Customized Mattress
Mattress in Dubai

Improve Your Sleep Quality With Our Soft Customized Mattresses

We craft a wide range of heavy-duty customized mattress Dubai for both single and double beds. Our exclusive mattresses include RV, Boat, Futon, Rollaway, Camper, Sofa Sleeper, and Murphy Bed mattresses.

We utilize multiple types of elastic straps, sheets, and coverings to make our mattresses more comfortable and heavy-duty. We provide top-quality bedroom furniture.

Perfect Fit For Beds
Perfect Fit For Beds

For a perfect fit of custom mattresses, our experts ensure accurate sizing by taking precise measurements.

Personalized Comfort
Personalized Comfort

We place high-density and thick materials at the base of mattresses to enhance comfort and proper alignment.

Stunning Customized Mattress

12+ Years Of Brilliance

Get Your Dream Personalized Mattress | Exclusive Features

We design our mattresses by considering your sleeping style, health needs, body type, and aesthetic requirements. Our experts acquire complete information about your specific requirements to build a perfectly personalized mattress that aligns with your level of comfort, style, and budget.

Our professionally designed mattresses ensure maximum water, stain, dust and mold resistance. Mattress is a great choice for bedroom renovation.

We provide superior-quality materials that can ensure a better sleep cycle, utmost comfort, high thermoregulation, noise insulation, and a hypoallergenic surface. Furthermore, we also have a wide collection of bespoke mattresses for your kid’s bedding available at budget-friendly rates.

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Proficient Services

Get Services From The Best Mattress Supplier In Dubai At Low Rates

Do you need first-class services for your bed mattress? We have a proficient team for mattress assembling and cover repair or renewal. If your mattress has undergone sagging issues, our team has multiple modern techniques to repair it. We also provide a free guide for accurate maintenance and cleaning of these custom-made mattresses.


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Top Benefits

Endless Benefits of Our Professionally Designed Customized Mattress

Better Sleep Cycle

Better Sleep Cycle

Our soft and comfortable customized mattress Dubai ensure a better sleep quality by providing complete support to your body at night.

Durable Construction

Durable Construction

To prevent breakage or sagging, we utilize heavy-duty cushioning and covering materials to enhance the durability of our mattresses.

Waterproof Covering

Waterproof Covering

We design our custom-made mattresses with waterproof covering to prevent mold growth, staining, and accumulation of grime particles.

Hypoallergenic Nature

Hypoallergenic Nature

Our health-friendly mattresses come with a hypoallergenic and non-porous surface that blocks the entry of dust and dirt particles.

Thermostable Material copy

Thermostable Material

To improve breathability and temperature regulation, we craft our mattresses with natural materials that allow proper airflow.

Pain Reliever Mattress

The uniform and stable surface of our personalized mattresses provides maximum pain relief by keeping your body alignment perfectly.

We Offer Unique Customization Options For Our Mattress

Experience spectacular bedding upgrades by choosing our custom-made mattress available at a very affordable price in Dubai. We offer endless customization options to craft a bespoke mattress piece that aligns with your taste and needs. You can get mattresses as per your desired material, firmness, thickness, height, shape, size, and corner design.

For rounded or spherical beds, we design mattresses with notched corners. You can get your mattress in any of these materials– Memory Foam, Polyfoam, Natural Latex, Innerspring, Polyurethane, and Hybrids.

For mattress covering, we utilize Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Linen, Featherboard, Plush Velour, and their blends. To craft an upholstered or classical look, we can also add buttons or tufting to your mattresses. For further customization options, approach our team now!

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Luxury Customized Mattress

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Why Prefer Us?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the best brand to buy customized mattress Dubai and nearby cities. Being a top-notch mattress supplier, we provide high-quality materials at affordable rates. We ensure precise customization to craft a mattress as per your budget, design, and style.

Professional Craftsmanship

For extra benefits, we design flame-retardant and waterproof mattresses by utilizing cutting-edge techniques.

Quality Assurance

Our team uses premium quality materials to enhance the longevity of your mattress.



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Luxury Custom Mattress

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, we provide our custom-made mattresses at very affordable prices in Dubai. We craft these mattresses with customized materials, designs, and sizes according to your budget. For any further information, you can approach our team.

Yes, you can return or exchange customized mattresses as per our terms and conditions provided in the catalog. We provide catalogs to our customers for their complete satisfaction and mattress maintenance assistance.

Yes, of course, our heavy-duty, comfortable, and well-designed mattresses ensure maximum sleeping and seating comfort. In addition, our thick mattresses provide maximum support to the body irrespective of the sleeping position.

We fabricate our custom-made mattresses with a wide range of durable, sustainable, and comfortable materials such as memory foam, natural latex, innerspring, polyurethane, and hybrids. You can choose any material for your mattress design.

We usually take 1-2 weeks to customize all your desired features and specific requirements of a mattress.

However, the total time required for manufacturing custom mattresses also depends on your customization needs.