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Now you can save money on purchasing new sofas by hiring us for sofa upholstery services. We provide professional services to restore the look of defiled furniture pieces.

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Explore Our Latest Upholstery Material Variety

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai brings you the most functional treatment to beautify the look of your sofas. Our sofa upholstery UAE services are meant for the potential fixing of all types of sofas. At our sofa upholstery shop, there’s an extensive variety of sofa fabric materials that can provide well for all your styling aesthetic and functional needs.

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———-Custom Solutions———-

We Offer Custom Sofa Upholstery Services At Cheap Rates

We provide customized treatments to give a new life to your leather sofas. Whether it’s structural damage or the fabric defiling, we can treat any and every damage. For custom upholstery, you can pick any fabric with your desired colors and designs. We also have a traditional variety of fabrics for classic or vintage sofas.

You can call us for cheap sofa upholstery services for both your commercial and residential places. Our craftsmen will visit your place for the measurements and will perfectly upholster sofas according to your design preferences. And you’ll find the entire treatment to be ideally budget-friendly and long-term favorable for you.

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Customized Sofa Upholstery Dubai

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We are the Renowned Sofa Upholstery Supplier In The Region

For many years, we have offered services for all the requirements of home improvement. If you are looking for sofa upholstery near me, don’t approach anyone beside us. We have a range of budget-friendly solutions to treat your worn-out furniture pieces.


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Extraordinary Benefits Of Our Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Utmost Comfort

Our upholstery services will improve the comfort of your existing sofas as we use comfy and cushioning materials.

Resistant to Fading

The polyester and leather materials used by us in the upholstery work don’t get discolored even if you place the sofa outdoors.

Brand New Look

You can pick any fabric, color, design, and texture to give your traditional sofas a new look.

Extended Life

The lifetime of your sofas can be enhanced after getting them upholstered by us because we use the best quality fabrics.

Easy Cleaning

The cleaning of new sofas will be much easier as they won’t host stains or buildup.

Easy to Maintain

Effortless Maintenance

The newly upholstered sofas don’t ask for extraordinary maintenance. You can dust and clean them conveniently.

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Book Us For Top Notch & Affordable Sofa Reupholstery & Repair Services

With our professional upholstery services, you can save your expense of purchasing a brand new sofa. Our smart and efficient upholstery servicing is meant to bring back life to your defaced sofas. You can get your luxury leather sofas upholstered from us to make them match any desired statement piece of your room decor. With our reupholstery services, you not only give a wholly new look to your sofas but can also keep your valuable sofas preserved such as the vintage ones.

Our skilled technicians go above and beyond to restore the look of your furnishing elements. They are capable of customizing your sofas right according to your requirements. Our sofa upholstery services will completely change the ordinary look of your furniture pieces.The cost of our sofa upholstery servicing will leave you astonished because we offer exceptional discounts on our exclusive services.

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Why Should You Choose Us For Sofa Upholstery Dubai?

Sofa Upholstery Dubai is the top-notch source to give your worn-out furniture elements an entirely new look. We have the region’s best craftsman to fix the damaged parts of your sofas. Our professional handymen have the experience of many years in this field and you can entirely trust them for both upholstery and reupholstery services.

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You can get in touch with our team to discuss and book the sofa treatments online.

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We ensure the safest and quickest delivery of all items.



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Elegant Sofa Upholstery Dubai


FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

To buy premium-grade sofa upholstery, Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the best shop. You can purchase any type of upholstery fabric according to your preferred styling and sofa profile requirements.

The materials for sofa upholstery can vary in terms of texture, appearance, and feel. Synthetic fabric and leather are considered as the most durable and comfortable choices for upholstering jobs.

To clean the sofa upholstery at home, you can use a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner uses high pressure and removes the dirt from the upholstery fabric as well as sanitizing it. But make sure to check the upholstery label before using the steamer to know whether it can withstand the high heat or not.

You can reupholster your sofa to make it sync with the design or color of any statement piece of your home decor. Reupholstering a sofa allows you to replace the worn-out fabric and repair any damage.

The expected lifetime can vary based on the carpet type, usage, and maintenance. However, the average lifespan of carpets is between 8 and 15 years.