Buy Uniquely Designed Majlis Furniture Dubai

Because of their Arab background and culture, people in Dubai still have traditional Majlis gatherings for important discussions. We provide classy Majlis furniture Dubai designs that are crafted following ergonomic practices at affordable rates with 100% premium quality in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Classic Majlis Furniture
Sitting Room Design

———–Custom Designs———

We Offer Custom Made Furniture To Style Your Majlis Spaces

Understanding the fact that every discussion area should be styled per its unique requirements, we provide quality Majlis furniture Dubai following your instructions. You can choose color, material (wooden, metal, or glass), design (traditional, modern), sofa upholstery design & fabric, and finishing for your majlis room furniture at our platform.

Furniture Frame Customization

Furniture Upholstery Customization

Luxury Majlis Visualization


———-Boundless Furniture Styles———-

Why Do You Need Our Majlis Furniture Dubai For Your Place?

We stock a variety of designs, materials, and treatments to make your furniture luxurious looking and comfortable. We ensure that our customized furniture is made of high-quality materials so that it can stay longer than expected. We always craft a comfortable furniture designs for furnishing your Majlis area so it won’t initiate any backache and will be easily maintainable.

Along with all these advantages, we offer highly resistant upholstery and finishing treatments for your furniture so you can perfectly adorn your space in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. On top of that, we always keep our rates lower than the market to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Have A Look AT Our Trendy Furniture Designs

Heritage Majlis

————#1 Furniture Suppliers ———–

Our Experts Provide Premium Quality Majlis Furniture Treatments

With an experience of over 10 years, we provide flawless Majlis furniture Dubai services following instant and efficient servicing manners. We guarantee 100% reliability and premium quality for maximum customer satisfaction. Moreover, we are available 24/7 on our online platforms so that you can book our services anytime per your requirements.


Years Of





———-Exclusive Perks!———

We Offer Multiple Services For Traditional Furniture In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

Expert Consultations

You can approach us online for free consultation services regarding Majlis interior styling. Our experts ensure round-the-clock availability.


With maximum customization options, you can get an exact piece of furniture per your requirements from us.

Favorable Repairs

Repair Services

Our experts repair every furniture flaw and can also customize old traditional furniture for your convenience with an affordable pricing structure.

Furniture Polishing

We offer premium furniture polish services for your majlis room’s furniture so it stays luxurious for longer periods of time.

Furniture Upholstery

Utilizing a variety of upholstery materials and designs, we can create smooth finishing for your Majlis area furniture following its interior decor.

Free Sampling

Covering the entire Dubai and Abu Dhabi areas, we offer free material samples for our products so you can double-check the quality.

Finest Arabic Majlis Furniture

Get Outstanding Traditional and Modern Furniture Designs in UAE

People usually prefer modern furniture designs for their interiors because of the luxurious touch. However, styling a Majlis is always recommendable with traditional design furniture. Still, our expert carpenters can combine both these furniture styles to create an innovative and comfortable furnishing to adorn your space.

We always ensure maximizing your comfort and suggest the coziest Majlis sofa and chair upholstery designs, while taking complete care of your specifications and requirements. Using modern technology and innovative ideas, we create comfortable Majlis furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at affordable rates.

Because Majalis can extend from some minutes to hours, this space must be designed with comfortable furniture that can minimize backaches. We guarantee furniture designs that support lumbar stability and straight posture with no compromise on its looks.

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Perfect Majlis Furniture

——Consider Us——

Reasons For Choosing Us For Majlis Furniture Treatments?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai, being the #1 Furniture supplier, we always take care of the quality and finishing we are providing our customers with. Our most hyped product nowadays is Majlis furniture Dubai; we have just launched new premium furniture designs with a combination of both traditional and modern styling to ensure maximum comfort as well as a trendy design statement for your Majlis area.

Expert Finishing

Regarding upholstery and finishing treatments, we always use innovative tools and expert skills.

Premium Quality

We always keep the quality of our furniture and accessories entirely sublime so they stay longer, even with low maintenance.



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Versatile Majlis Furniture

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai offers durable and high quality furniture with traditionally designed frames at affordable rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Majlis areas are supposed to be styled with interior-defining, yet ergonomically designed seats so your guests can sit comfortably for hours. Moreover, always double-check the quality of the furniture material before making a purchase.

Our furniture is created using ergonomic scales so it would never initiate any pain, and you can sit comfortably for hours; hence, it is a great option for Majlis areas.

Modern furniture features minimal designs and extensive seating following the requirements of an area. Moreover, the furniture frame design is also kept simple but luxurious, following modern design ideas.

We offer every furniture item including chairs, sofas, tables, and desks for your Majlis room so your guests can experience comfortable seating. We offer maximum customization options where you can choose any furniture material, design, finishing, and color to get a perfect piece of furniture at an affordable pricing.