Adorable Custom Made Pergolas Dubai

It’s high time you transform your outdoor areas with the mind-blowing addition of our Custom Made Pergolas Dubai, the breathtaking combo of beauty and benefits. Outdoor Upholstery Dubai has the best Pergola Suppliers!

Best Custom Made Pergolas Dubai
Custom Made Pergolas

———–Exceptional Workmanship ———

We Design The Most Alluring Custom Made Pergolas In Dubai

And our excellence shall make you enjoy the best versions of your gardens, lawns, yards and other outdoor spaces. Our custom made pergolas Dubai are a wholly new, entirely unique and exemplary beneficial take on the traditional pergola treatment.

These wondrous outdoor structures will be designed and created in complete accordance with your desired styling, featuring the marvelous touch of our excellence!

Custom made gazebos and pergolas by us will be the most dynamic improvement of your properties.

Custom Made Pergolas in Dubai


———-Vintage Style Wooden Pergolas ———-

A Glimpse Of Our Made To Measure Pergola Magic

We construct not just the most outstanding but also entirely hard-wearing and value-for-money pergolas for you. Besides, you can have your bespoke statement in every single aspect of the crafting, from construction materials to finishing and accessorizing ones.

Speaking of the construction materials, we provide Aluminum, Wrought Iron, custom Wood furniture, Wood-plastic Composite, and Vinyl made Pergolas.

You can have your made to measure pergola in any and every desired style, shape, color, pattern and finish. Not to mention that our craftsmen ensure coming up with the most well-suited size for your place as well.

Our Pergola Projects 2024 

Best Custom Made Pergolas

Trustworthy Designers 

Schedule Your Custom Made Pergola Designing Today 

We welcome you to have satisfactory and promising consultations for your unique made to measure pergola designing and crafting. Our experts shall come up with exactly what you’ve always imagined as the perfect outdoor spot, turning your dream pergola into reality. Besides, you can always have inspiring ideas from our recent creations and discuss all your expectations with our experts.


Years Of





———-Endless Worth———

What Makes Our Customized Pergola A Spectacular Addition?


Sublime Construction

Our customized Pergolas Abu Dhabi are the epitome of the finest build quality, exuding matchless aesthetic excellence and uniqueness

Enduring Profile

We design every made to measure pergola to stay incredibly tough against every single atmospheric factor and remain maximally serviceable

Ideal Comfort

The very addition of our custom made pergolas Dubai shall provide you with a perfect comfort zone for outdoor living

Smart Space Utilization

These pergolas work as a smart extension of your living spaces, eliminating all accommodation concerns and letting you enjoy nature

Improved Value

Enhancing your gardens, backyards and lawns with our outstanding pergolas will increase your home’s resale value in an unbelievable manner

Perfect Recreational Spot

These pergolas create a classy, cozy and mind-blowing space for every single activity you please, ranging from reading to gardening

TOP QUALITY custom made pergolas

We Provide Luxurious Furnishing For Custom Made Pergolas Dubai

And we offer every sort of styling and accessorizing services as well. Our premium-grade and comfy furnishing treatments and additions shall help you get your hands on a thoughtfully designed and well-suitable space for spending quality time.

From sofa sets and dining furniture to recliners and loungers, we have every option available for you, both in ready-made and custom-designed versions.

Over and above, you can also get heavy-duty flooring services from us for added benefits. Besides, we provide plush and serviceable curtains, cushions, rugs, carpets, throw pillows and a range of other decorative and comfort-providing elements for the ideal pergola decor.

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Classic Custom Made Pergolas

——Our Uniqueness ——

Why Entrust Your Customized Pergola Project With Us?

We shall come up with the most favorable creations for you! Our custom made pergolas Dubai have always been a rage and a part and parcel of every home and villa. You can get every inch of the made to measure pergola designed according to your preferences from us and rest assured about making the most out of your money.

Long-Lasting Perks

Our custom made pergolas in Abu Dhabi benefit both your mental and physical well-being by offering you endless relaxation and aesthetic satisfaction.

Timely Working Ways

You won’t have to wait excessively to enjoy your newly designed luxurious yet comfortable pergola and our proficiency will justify your investment.



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#1 Custom Made Pergolas Dubai

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

A custom made pergola will be way more serviceable, value-for-money, comfortable and well suited to your requirements and preferences than a pre-made one. That’s because the entire structure will be designed according to your bespoke statement, hence the unlimited benefits.

The timeline for a made to measure pergola construction initially depends on its size and shape. Moreover, particular design details, aesthetic intricacy, additional elements and area preparation are some other factors which can influence the overall project completion.

The most common and favorable materials for pergola crafting are Aluminum, Metal, PVC, Wrought Iron, Pressure Treated Wood, and Solid Hardwood (Cedar is a commonly used species). You can consult our professionals in order to settle for the best material.

By all means you can. You can have every aspect of your custom made pergola personalized as per your liking as well as functional requirements. Our experts are always available to help you by suggesting the most suitable pergola sizes, shapes and profiles according to your places.

It won’t be excessively costly or tiresome to upkeep your customized pergola. However, routine maintenance and feasible damage prevention are always necessary. You can also invest in UV, moisture and stain resistant treatments as well as physical coverings for maximum protection.