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Do you want to change the overall design of your bathrooms? Get our luxury Bathroom Renovation Services to improve your bathroom interior. Our servicing cost is reasonable.

Newlook Bathroom Wheeling
Bathroom Renovation Service

We Utilize Premium Quality Materials For Bathroom Remodeling

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai provides specialized remodeling services for the magical revival of your bathroom interiors. We install multi-functional accessories, cabinets, mirrors, and lighting to enhance the area’s usefulness. For your bathroom renovation Dubai, you can select any theme. We use premium quality materials for each upgrade, repair, and maintenance work.

Secure Installations
Secure Installations

For floor tiling, washbasin, holders, and chandeliers, we provide the most secure and precise installations.

Structural Modifications

Our specialists offer the most flawless renovation services services whether it’s an infrastructural change or repair.

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Get Custom Solutions For Renovation Of Your Bathrooms

Looking for a bathroom remodel near me? We provide affordable treatments to change the whole design of your bathrooms. You can discuss your design requirements for everything including flooring, windows, custom furniture, walls, and paintwork. We will create the ideal space that matches your visions and styles perfectly, ensuring convenience and practicality.

You can select all patterns, colors, and layouts for accessories to match the overall theme. Our modern bathroom and villa renovation services are meant to increase the convenience, safety, design, and worth of your property. We provide exclusive customization solutions to create spaces that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Our Recent Projects

Bathroom Renovation Dubai

We Are The Leading Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the most renowned renovation company in Dubai. We uniquely renovate your bathrooms, creating functionally favorable spaces. We ensure providing you with the best value for your investment. You can also explore our recent bathroom renovation Dubai projects to get design ideas.


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What Bathroom Remodeling Services Do We Provide?

Stylish Upgrades

Stylish Upgrades

We add beautiful accessory holders and mirrors to your bathrooms for styling purposes.

Safety Enhancements

Safety Enhancements

Considering your safety concerns, we install anti-slip and moisture-resistant floors in bathrooms.

Added Convenience

Added Convenience

To add convenience, we add the best quality dressers where you can store accessories.

Smart Innovations

Smart Innovations

We make excellent additions of advanced showers that work with single button clicks.

Utmost Practicality

Utmost Practicality

Our bathroom renovation services will promote comfort and easier accessibility to everything.

Favorable Repairs

Favorable Repairs

We repair lighting fixtures and replace other hardware to instantly enhance serviceability.

Get Our Expertise For Bathroom Repair & Maintenance Work

Book our skillful contractors to restore the functionality and style of your bathrooms. We provide premium renovation services to fix broken accessories holders, dresser hardware, and replacement of out-of-order showers. Our repair and maintenance services ensure every piece of equipment is functioning efficiently.

Aside from that, we repair damaged paintwork, fix showers, and make functional additions to enhance the whole space’s practicality. Our experienced renovators ensure flawless wiring and plumbing work for your safety. You can acquire the excellence of our bathroom renovation contractors at affordable rates, ensuring the best value for your investment.

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Why Prefer Us For Bathroom Renovation?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the one-stop destination to get renovation services for bathrooms. We provide budget-friendly treatments to transform the entire look of your bathroom interiors. Our matchless remodel work will optimize the functionality, worth, and style of your space instantly.

Free Price Quotations

For any kind of bathroom renovation Dubai service, you can request a price estimate and get a prompt response.

Quality Assurance

We use premium-quality materials for every repair and replacement work.



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Classic Bathroom Renovation Service

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Before your bathroom remodel, you need to plan on your budget and style. To begin with, remove all the items from your bathrooms including towel rings or racks, shelving and holders, panels, wirings, and dressers or cabinets.

Depending on how big your project renovation is, you can add the shower screen, replace the bathtub, change wall or floor tretament, go for paint work, incorporate advanced showers, and fix the plumbing and wiring work.

It entirely depends on the scope of your project. A small repair and maintenance job will take 2 to 3 days. Changing the entire interior of your bathroom will require up to 3 weeks or more than a month.

When selecting materials for bathroom remodeling, look for accessories, floorings, window treatments, and furniture elements that are resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. From ceiling to flooring, select everything that can withstand higher humidity levels.

The expenses of bathroom renovations depend on the kind and scope of the project. The price factor changes according to repair, maintenance, replacement, installation, and restoration work. You can get a detailed price quotation after discussing the nature of the work you want.