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Sunbrella Fabric Dubai: Want to know the latest variant fabrics for your outdoor fabric, then sunbrella is the best option? When you think of comfortable, long-lasting material on the outside, one brand probably comes to mind: Sunbrella. Quality-made Sunbrella fabric is the leading luxury fabric for maritime, shading, and outdoor furniture applications. The fashion innovator Glen Raven created this brand in the 1960s to produce an awning canvas with a longer lifespan than conventional cotton.


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 Special About Sunbrella Fabric Dubai

As many companies provide sunbrella fabric, outdoor upholstery fabric is the best solution if you want high-quality fabric sunbrella for your outdoor furniture. The solution tined acrylic feature with a combination of caught-on-high styles, the design is its best feature, and that ‘why you consider us the best marine grade sunbrella fabric Dubai provider—using it for canvas, tapestry, marbles, sling chairs, and more.

As a long-term supplier, the outdoor upholstery fabric team is happy to help you find the best Sunbrella fabric for yourself and your complete project. Don’t forget to explore our new collection if you are seeking awing high style decorative fabric shades that will keep your outdoor furniture cool and provide you the fresh and upgraded look to your house or RV exterior.

Our Sunbrella fabric  is made up of 100% solution-dyed acrylic material and stain, mildew, fading, UV, and water-resistant. Moreover, we also deliver you the sunbrella horizon, supreme and perfect interior and exterior vinyl upholstery and cushions; we commit to helping our potential customers find the best and most elegant outdoor fabric for their projects. Now you can decide which is right for you by checking out our list of products available for you! We sell several attractive fabrics and designs, using indoor/ outdoor Sunbrella fabric Dubai, Outdura, Tempotest, and more fabrics. If you’re interested in finding out more about our fabrics and furniture, call us now.

Specification of Sunbrella Fabric Dubai

Sunbrella casual furniture fabric 

Sunbrella is the best brand, so if you keenly want to use sunbrella causal furniture fabric with more specs, then we at outdoor upholstery Dubai providing the customers pure 100% and dyed acrylic solution with a length and breadth of 9.0 ounces per square yard and 271 per square meter.

Thus, the fabric we provide has a width of 54 inches per 137.1 cm to give your house a classic and sleek look.

 Comfort Sling Fabric 

For an eye-catching and attractive look for your outdoor furniture, the comfort sling fabric and Sunbrella Fabric Dubai is the best option. It contains 100% pure yarns of polyester and dyed acrylic solution with appx- the weight of 14.0 ounces per square yard and 475 grams per square meter.

Your right choice can make you worthy as the width variation is generally 54 inches per 137.1 cm usually.

Sunbrella Awning and Marine Fabrics

It is easy for us to make awning and marine fabric for your sunbrella as we’ll deliver you the excellent fade and weather-resistant fabric of 100% dyed solution material.

Indoor/Outdoor Best Sunbrella Fabric Dubai Specifications

For Acrylic Prints

You can use our pigment-printed 100 percent acrylic-based fabric with weight appx to make acrylic prints for your best indoor/outdoor sunbrella fabric “8.0” and 54inches wide ounces for best use.

 For Marine-Tex Fabric

Outdoor upholstery fabric offers you the item with 100% woven vinyl coated polyester with appx for producing marine tex fabric. 11 “ounces per square yard, 54 inches in width.

Is Sunbrella Fabric Washable?

Yes, sunbrella fabric Dubai is washable is the best thing about this fabric is that it’s effortless to wash it no matter how clean the fabric needs are.

Only you have to use the sponge and mild soap and water to clean gently. If you want to strip the fabric with cushion and furniture for more in-depth cleaning. Then you can also wash it in a washing machine or soak it in soapy water to disinfect the bacteria and dust particles. After that make sure to dry out your fabric by hand as It should never be placed in the dryer. It can cause trouble for you!

The range we keep is 46 inches long lines and 9.5 ounces per square yard and 116.8 centimeters that is usually 314 grams per square meter.

Are there different grades of Sunbrella fabric?

Yeah, it has many different grades of sunbrella fabric Dubai available at outdoor upholstery fabric. Sunbrella has several different varieties. The most prevalent style is Sunbrella Canvas and is available in hundreds of solid colours

. It is made of sunbrella acrylic, resistant to UV, mildew repellent, bleach cleanable, fade-resistant, and breathable. It has limited shrinkage or stretching, so if you want any kind of grade, you can buy from here.