Privacy Policy

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is a client-oriented interior design platform that serves its clients following certain protocols and guidelines. Our prime concern is the privacy protection of the user from all sorts of unauthorized access for building clients’ trust and ensuring streamlined services. We firmly believe that clients’ trust in us is the ultimate gateway toward successful client-oriented business. To maintain the user’s confidentiality, we take the best possible measures, following the firm’s specified protocols.

Our best privacy practices are the secret behind our proven success and clients’ trust in us. Our protocols and high-end privacy restrictions don’t allow third-party users to access your confidential details. Abiding by the security law, we are obliged to provide users with a secure means of shopping for our products.

To avail of our professional services, users must go through the security and privacy terms specified by our company. Here are the security guidelines to be acknowledged by the user.

High-End Privacy Of All Site Users And Guests

As per the company’s policy, we are bound to protect the secrecy of information for all kinds of users and guests. Any user or guest can have peace of mind before selecting us in terms of privacy.

  • The company follows the Data Protection Act to collect user’s essential details.
  • Without the client’s permission, no one can access confidential user information.
  • Our company never comes up with any unnecessary emails without your consent.
  • Users can request permission to access their provided info for modifications.
  • Besides restrictions, we take the safety measure of data encryption for security.
  • To keep your details confidential, the firm uses innovative tools and software.
  • We take secure and authentic steps when it comes to user privacy protection.

Mandatory Details We Collect From Valuable Clients

  • User’s Name
  • Current Address
  • Contact Details
  • Valid Email Address
  • Credit/Debit Card Details

Non-Disclosure Of Client’s Private Information

To maintain our business standard, the company takes every possible measure to protect user privacy. The device with user information is password-protected to ensure the utmost secrecy. Our firm takes legal notice when someone invades user privacy by accessing their details.

When a user acquires services from us, we keep their track record confidential by all means. The company opts for the technical to potential ways according to the end-user privacy agreement. We don’t compromise on user security to guarantee satisfactory services.

Best Security Measures And Procedures

As the leading interior design company, we ensure advanced practices for preventing user data from harmful resources. In this regard, we ask for the mandatory information that needs to be up-to-date to eliminate the concept of misguided details. This effective approach will ensure no hassles at the time of order shipping.

Additionally, we send the duplicate info file to the client’s authentic e-mail address for review purposes. Users can go through, verify the details, and alarm us on finding any misleading or incorrect details about products or locations. The issue of incorrect details will be rectified immediately by the company. Also, we are bound to not send your information out of the region without your consent.

Alteration In Our Privacy Statement Or Security Law

The general statement or law formulated by the company can be devised over time to maintain service standards and flow. In this regard, the company makes certain modifications in the privacy agreement, to ensure a far better and secure dealing experience with the user.

After the necessary modifications, the privacy terms are implemented to be followed by both the company and the user. Our rules ensure access restriction of the third user by all means. If your information is being robbed by any third user, the company takes the legal notice, ensuring the client’s physical security.

Acknowledge Us Anytime For Related Queries About Policy Terms

You can contact our representatives to ask for any kind of details regarding our privacy policy. We are more than pleased to guide you about our privacy agreement to avoid any mishaps, ensuring efficient client-oriented business.