Beautify Your Walls With Our Wallpaper Dubai 

Embrace uniqueness by adding our fascinating wallpaper Dubai to your places. We provide top-quality wallpapers for interior decors. Our wallpaper prices are completely reasonable.

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Give Your Walls A Perfect Finish With Our Stylish Wallpapers

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the best source to purchase modern wallpapers. We provide high-quality wall panels and wallpapers that are made from heavy-duty and durable materials. At our wallpaper shops in Dubai, you’ll find an excellent range of peel-and-stick and adhesive-backed wallpapers.

Exclusive Designs

You can select from flock, paintable, printed, patterned, and metallic wallpapers with uniqueness of designs.

High Versatility

With our exceptionally versatile wallpapers, any part of your residential and commercial space can be styled.

Customized Wallpaper Dubai

12+ Years Of Success

Get Our Cheap Wallpaper Dubai To Enhance Your Interior Design

As the best wallpaper supplier in Dubai, we provide luxury wall covering essentials for every commercial and residential space. You can give your interiors an excellent finish with our cheap yet high-quality wallpapers. You can also get our wallpaper for sale as per your choice of colors, layouts, patterns, and textures.

Our wallpapers with brick-look, floral, geometric, and circular patterns are the perfect choice for your apartment renovation. Aside from these patterns, you can select any ideal texture and color for your custom wallpapers. We have plenty of color options ranging from light to dark themes.

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Elegant Wallpaper in Dubai

We Are The Top-Rated Wallpaper Supplier in Dubai

We are committed to providing top-quality wall covering essentials at incredibly low prices. Our company has been providing, customizing, and installing wallpaper Dubai of every design and style. With our contemporary and vintage style wallpapers, the decor of any place can be enhanced instantly.


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Amazing Features!

Our Wallpapers Come With Many Decorative & Functional Features

Stylish Upgrades

Unique Appeal

Our wallpapers with unique patterns and nature-inspired themes add instant beauty.

Water Resistant

We provide moisture-resistant wallpapers for the decor enhancement of kitchens and bathrooms.

Added Convenience

Concealing Imperfections

These wallpapers can hide any stain, wiring, and imperfection on walls amazingly.

Damage Resistant

Our wallpapers are designed using resilient materials to ensure the serviceability of longer periods of time.

Calming Environment

With our minimal wallpaper designs and soothing colors, a pleasant environment can be created.

Easy To Maintain

The maintenance of our wallpapers is really effortless and they don’t require daily cleaning.

Book Our Installers For Adept Wallpaper Installation Services

Transform the entire style of your villas and apartments with our exemplary wallpaper installation services. We have ta specialized team with years of experience in fitting wallpapers on every kind of wall surface. Our team always prepares the walls before installation to ensure a secure finish.

After complete inspection and measurements, we install wallpapers using top-quality adhesives. You can also get our exclusive service of wallpaper fixing Dubai and repair to treat seams, bubbles, and uneven surfaces. Our premium services are meant to improve the whole appearance of your rooms.

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Why Must You Select Us For Wallpaper Dubai?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai provides the most luxurious and stylish wallpapers. We have a stock of wallpapers with innovative designs, appealing patterns, and textures. With our wallpaper Dubai, you can improve the whole ambiance of your living and commercial spaces. We are among the top-rated wallpaper suppliers because we provide:

Durable Wallpapers

You can get water-resistant vinyl wallpapers with the guarantee of longevity.

Efficient Delivery

Our platform provides the fastest delivery to your doorstep with secure packaging.



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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Wallpapers can be installed directly over any existing wallpapers. Adequate wall treatment and preparation and usage of high-quality adhesives is required for installing wallpapers over a wallpapered or painted wall.

Vinyl wallpapers can be cleaned using a damp cloth to remove the settled dirt or dust. For metallic wallpapers, you can make a vinegar and water solution and clean the dirt using a damp sponge.

Yes! There are various eco-friendly and sustainable options of wallpapers available at our store. We design low VOCs wallpaper using recyclable materials. These wallpapers are a safe choice for people with allergies.

Wallpapers are made of different types of resilient materials. They don’t fade quickly if protected from water and direct exposure to sunlight. With proper care, they maintain their appearance for longer time spans.

Of course! You can get customized wallpaper of your desired style and prints.

We provide all kinds of wallpaper design customizations at cheap rates.