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Outdoor Upholstery Dubai brings you the latest range of premium-quality Outdoor Cushions in Dubai for the ideal beautification of your outdoor seating setups. Our cushions and outdoor pillows are highly long-lasting and cost-effective.

#1 Outdoor Cushions
Outdoor Cushions

—Classy Decors—

Beautify Your Outdoors With Our Classy & Heavy-duty Cushions 

Our high-quality and finely designed outdoor cushions Dubai will add your dream decor and comfort to all your outdoor seating.

These pillows are exclusively designed with decor-defining yet weather-resistant fabrics and materials for prolonged benefits. In addition to shopping for the ready-made options, you can also get custom-made pieces from us.

Garden Cushions

We provide the most unique style, color, shape, print and pattern options for garden cushion covers, making every furniture ideally comfy and inviting.

Outdoor Pillows

Say goodbye to all the discomfort and fatigue caused by your chairs, loungers, or couches with our plush and low-maintenance outdoor pillows.

Beautiful Outdoor Cushions

12+ Years Of Experience

Comfort Enhancement

Enjoy Maximum Comfort & Coziness With Our Comfy Outdoor Cushions Dubai 

Our classy and durable outdoor furniture cushions are specifically designed to improve the comfort level of every furnishing piece, helping you spend more quality time outdoors.

With our cushions, you can turn your furniture into a comforting and ergonomic seating and enjoy your favorite activities without the slightest inconvenience.

We provide all kinds of shapes and sizes of patio cushions to help you choose the perfect match for every item. You can explore and shop for throw cushions, lumbar, box, bolster, throw pillows, seat cushions, back cushions, and various other useful options.

Explore Latest Collections Of Outdoor Cushions

#1 Outdoor Cushions

—Custom Solutions—

Design Your Dream Exterior Cushions & Pillows With Us

In addition to shopping for ready-made pillows and outdoor cushions Dubai, we also offer you the unique opportunity of getting specialized custom cushions for a dreamy decor.

Just bring us your one-of-a-kind ideas, material, filling, and upholstery requirements and additional preferences and let us design the perfect comforters for your taste.


Years Of





Perks And Pros 

Top Benefits Of Buying Our Sublime Quality Garden Cushions 

Comfortable Seating

Extreme Comfort

Our outdoor seat cushions provide exceptional levels of comfort and they can make any piece of furniture ideally useful.

Easy to Maintain

Easy Maintenance

We design our cushions with moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, impact-resistant, and UV-proof fabrics for effortless cleaning.


Enhanced Decor

With these cushions, you can add plenty of charm and uniqueness to your outdoor decors and seating for added luxury.


Versatile Uses

You can place our floor cushions on carpets, rugs, patios, pergolas, and deckings for better comfort and space utilization.

Posture Support

Our pillows add maximum support to back and muscles, significantly reducing fatigue and discomfort experienced during prolonged sitting.

Furniture Protection

Our resilient garden cushions prevent the wear and tear of furniture and make it easy to care for outdoor furniture.

Get Our Cushions For Your Outdoors At Discount Rates

The affordability of the cost of outdoor cushions at our shop will amaze you. These cheap and classy cushions are the best way to transform the look of any basic or boring-looking outdoor space on a budget.

We provide cushions with a filling material of your choice and the options you’ll have are cotton, down, gel memory foam, feather, etc. You can get outdoor sofa cushions with velvet, leather, cotton, polyester, and linen fabric covers per your preferences.

Also, we have solid color tones available for these covers, and we offer line-art, abstract, floral, geometrical, and blends of patterns that can get altered following your demands.

Additionally, you can also save on buying new furniture and decorations simply by investing in our beautiful & low-maintenance cushions for a inviting outdoor decor.

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Stunning Outdoor Cushions

Trust Us

Why Choose Us?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the most renowned and trustworthy shop you can ever come across for decor accessories.

Our trendsetting garden and patio cushion ranges will add the perfect blend of beautification and benefits. Shop for these classy outdoor cushions Dubai today and make the most out of the pocket-friendly deals we offer!

Favorable Customizations

We provide custom-made cushions that stand out with their amazing looks, exemplary comfort provision, easy maintenance needs and year-round serviceability.

Health Benefits

Adding our cushions and pillows to your outdoor furnishing will provide you with improved posture, blood circulation and decreased fatigue.



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Outdoor Cushions

Queries And Concerns

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Dust off the cushions regularly with a vacuum cleaner or some soft-bristled brush. Occasionally, you can rinse off any debris or dust with the help of a hose.

For deep cleaning, you can use diluted vinegar and/or dish detergent, followed by rinsing. Baking soda along with vacuuming can also be considered for revitalizing the look of cushions.

Yes, our cushions for outdoors are waterproof and can be used year-round with ease. In addition to moisture damage, they can also resist stains, mold, mildew, UV damage and general wear and tear. You can also use these cushions in moisture-prone areas like decks or swimming pool surrounds for improving comfort and decor.

No, our cushions for outdoors are designed with specialized UV-resistant treatments for zero discoloration or fading. However, it is still a good idea to store the cushions indoors when they are not being used. Besides, you should also consider changing the sides of the cushions and plumping them occasionally for equal wear on all sides.

Of course, our outdoor Dubai cushions are available in a range of shapes and sizes to provide the best fit for every furniture and decor requirement. Some of the most popular 2d and 3d shapes available at our shop include square, oval, rectangular, rectangular prisms, spheres and cylinders respectively. Additionally, you can get all kinds of custom shapes and sizes of cushions.

By practicing proper care and maintenance, you can benefit from our outdoor Dubai cushions for a good 7 to 10 years. You can increase the life and beauty of these cushions and pillows in multiple ways, such as applying sealants, placing them in covered areas, using protective screens and storing the cushions when not in use.