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Outdoor Upholstery Dubai provides you with premium quality tables with plenty of styles and size options to suit every interior setting. Our custom made tables Dubai are perfectly designed according to emerging trends and quality standards.

Custom Made Table
Custom Made Tables in Dubai

———–Finest Essentials!———

Our Quality Custom Made Tables Dubai Come With Wide Styles

Design your dream interior by incorporating our stylish wooden and glass tables. We provide you with a huge variety of tables made from custom made furniture i.e. wood, plastic, metal, acrylic, aluminum, and glass to go well with the surroundings of your space.

Our custom made tables Dubai with round, oval, hexagonal, and other unique styles will improve the whole look of your space. Whether you want a working table for study rooms, a conference table for meeting rooms, or a console table for a living room, our tables Abu Dhabi will give an inviting look to every space.

Customized Tables Dubai


———-Instant Glam!———-

Style Your Indoors And Outdoors With Our Luxury Tables

Experience utmost comfort and convenience by placing our customized tables in Dubai homes and offices. We provide large and small-sized tables for every space whether it’s a balcony, terrace, patio, deck, living room, or kitchenette.

Aside from that, you can customize the tables for your business places, receptions, libraries, laboratories, banquets, boutiques, and healthcare facilities.

Our dining and coffee tables for garden and backyard create the perfect spot for outdoor dining. Our multi-purpose tables come with storage options and footrests as well. Having our cheap custom made tables will be a favorable solution for every requirement of yours.

Our Fascinating Gallery

Custom Made Table

We Are The Best Custom Tables Supplier In The Entire UAE

If you are looking for a shop offering custom made tables near me, you are at the right spot. We have been the best-rated provider of custom-designed furnishing essentials for the most fascinating decor creations in all places. Our custom table cost is affordable for every consumer.


Years Of





———-Notable Features!———

Extraordinary Benefits Of Our Modern Customized Tables

Best Space Utilization

You can order custom wood tables as per the unique dimensions of every area.

Eco-Friendly & Durable

We provide durable furniture to keep adorning your spaces for a long time.

Extensive Design Options

Our multi-functional custom made tables Dubai come with storage options, unique framings, and stylish surfaces to add visual interest to every place.

Custom Made Tables Dubai

Our Craftsmen Deliver Perfectly Customized Tables To Your Doorstep

Give your living and workspaces an excellent finish by personalizing your tables with our certified carpenters. Our handmade wood tables are a timeless solution to perk up the whole look of your space.

For these tables, you can pick from a range of hardwood species including maple, oak, ash, and mahogany.

Our tables come with resilient profiles for longevity. For tables, you can review the swatches and different shapes and styles to get an idea. Our customized table prices are extremely affordable.

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Best Custom Made Table

——Consider Us——

Why Prefer Us?

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is a customer-centric brand providing uniquely customized tables for the beautification of your interiors. You can redesign your spaces by incorporating our luxury tables, featuring stunning designs.

Beneficial Consultations

For custom made tables Dubai, you can select from a boundless design range. You can also get our expert’s opinion at every point to choose the best items.

Unique Customizations

Our excellent craftsmanship will create a masterpiece for every individual space requirement.



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Custom Table Dubai


FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can customize tables for every kind of indoor and outdoor space whether it’s commercial or residential. Depending on the intended space style, weather conditions, and preferences, you can select the table’s materials, size, shape, and designs.

The lead time to craft a customized table depends on table style, size, material, and finishing. The entire duration from placing an order to receiving it can be 4-6 weeks.

For custom-tailored tables, you have various choices of materials. The most popular options are wood, glass, metal, aluminum, marble, concrete, pallet, and acrylic. Aside from that, you can choose from different wood species.

Custom-made tables are typically more expensive than standard or pre-made ones. That’s because these tables are designed according to the bespoke statement of the user. These tables are of high quality, more durable, and come with exclusive designs, hence, are more expensive than standard ones.

A customized table is usually easy to care for. These tables require regular dusting and occasional cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth. For maintenance, wipe off spills immediately, and protect the table from harsh chemicals.