Design Your Dream Custom Made Gazebo Dubai

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai brings you the exclusive exterior decor treatment of Custom Made Gazebo Dubai, the ultimate combo of aesthetics and utility. Our uniquely designed gazebos will turn your outdoors into the finest and most delightful sanctuary for memorable moments!

Alluring Custom Made Gazebo Dubai
Classic Custom Made Gazebo Dubai

———–Reliable Amenities———

We Offer Out-Of-The-Box Designing Service For Custom Made Gazebo Dubai

And with us, you can realize all your ideas of a classy outdoor gazebo. Our services ensure that you cherish every aspect of this treatment and find it to be a lot more than just a structural addition to your outdoors.

It’s high time you reach out to us, discuss your unique ideas and leave the rest of the magic of Custom Gazebo Dubai construction to us!

Best Custom Made Gazebo Dubai


———-Most Unique Treatments———-

Let’s Lay The Foundation For Super Inviting Exterior Decors

The best Custom Made Gazebo Dubai Suppliers are all set to upgrade your residential outdoors with much-needed beautification, comfiest seating and most adorable accessorizing.

We ensure that our custom built gazebos serve as an ideally functional extension of your living spaces by employing the most sublime quality and resilient materials. From rustic wood to sleek aluminum, you can get every sort of gazebo construction from us.

In addition, we provide heavy-duty flooring treatments, hard-wearing roofings, aesthetically pleasing window treatments, furnishing solutions and versatile decorative additions, making you enjoy an outdoor space that feels heavenly and instantly becomes the perfect comfort zone.

Our Latest Gazebo Creations

Modern Custom Made Gazebo Dubai

————Functional Decor Additions———–

Custom Made Gazebo UAE Multiplies Your Place’s Worth And Allure

By all means, having a gazebo glorifying your gardens and lawns is one of the most irresistible ideas. And the best Custom Made Gazebo Supplier at Outdoor Upholstery Dubai have got you all the assistance you need in this regard. From design consultations to timeless constructions, you’ll find all our services to be incredibly promising and affordable as well.


Years Of





———-Endless Perks ———

What Makes Our Custom Made Gazebo Services Worthwhile?

Bewitching Beautification

A gazebo that features all the styling you love will be a dream come true. We have plenty of design and accessorizing ideas for you.

Spectacular Seating

Our gazebos provide the most delightful and inviting area to sit and relax and help you eliminate space problems during gatherings.

Suave Shelter

Our classy customized gazebo will offer you the perfect spot year-round for all your activities while protecting from atmospheric discomfort.

Unlimited Utility

From a cozy corner to a functional extension of the living space, you can benefit in nearly endless ways from our custom made gazebo.

Radiant Resale Value

Having our luxury and durable custom made gazebo Dubai in your place is the ultimate foolproof idea to enhance your property’s value most radically.

Great Gardening Opportunity

Our custom made Gazebo UAE will be the foremost privilege for you if you’re in search of a space to showcase your gardening skills.

Reliable Custom Made Gazebo

We Provide Complete Furnishing Ranges For Gazebo Decors

And we shall make you cherish your dream outdoor decorations by all means. Our treatment, addition and designing services for custom built gazebos include floorings, window coverings and screens, roofings, extensive custom furniture options, floor decor accessories and all sorts of decorative elements for the finest and most inviting gazebo decor creation.

Whether it’s a rustic vibe you please or a sleek and unique setting you wish to create outdoors, our furnishing and designing services will serve you with endless possibilities. And similar to the custom made Gazebo in Abu Dhabi, you can totally have every element customized according to your choice.

For a few insights into the remarkable options you’re gonna get, these include luxury wooden floorings, silken window treatments, high-quality metal roofings, modular and ergonomic furniture, storage and dining solutions, plush cushions and various other stuff.

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Versatile Custom Made Gazebo Dubai

——What Makes Us Unique——

Why Choose Our Brand For Gazebo Designing?

At Outdoor Upholstery Dubai, we don’t just provide the most outstanding Custom Made Gazebo Dubai, but also offer complete and purposeful furnishing, updating and accessorizing services for them. You can count on us for creating the gazebo decor of your dreams and make it the best home improvement of yours.

Timely Project Completion

Your new ravishing gazebo will be ready in a minimum time to blow your mind.

Efficient Customized Solutions

We offer every service and product devised according to your unique preferences.



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Wooden Custom Made Gazebo Dubai


FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Upholstery Dubai is the best platform to shop for custom made gazebos with high-quality construction, weather-resistant finishes and variable aesthetics. You can get premium-grade gazebos at affordable rates from our platform.

Major options for gazebo frame or structure are vinyl, wood and metal. As for the roofing materials, you can either opt for Asphalt, Metal or Thatched. Besides, Wood, Concrete and Stone are the best flooring material choices for gazebos.

The time frame for a bespoke gazebo construction greatly varies the size you require. In general, gazebo construction takes up to a few weeks to months and any specific design details or material additions are also likely to prolong the process.

You can have any and every sort of design customization for your gazebo from us. This can include frame, roofing, flooring treatments, screen and window treatments, all sorts of decorative stuff, furnishing and accessories.

The cost for customized gazebo constructions depends on the size, difficulty scale of the project and the intricacy of design. Usually, a basic wooden gazebo crafting is likely to cost you around 5,000 AED to 15,000 AED.